Work and volunteering


You may be in employment, looking for work or willing to give your time and skills as a volunteer. There are chances to improve your education and training or move on in your work, leading to a more satisfying work life.


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Information and Guidance

Social prescribing is a service that helps people find out about opportunities in their local community that could help them to improve their health and wellbeing.


There are a number of local social prescribing services operating in Surrey which are free to use, although some of the opportunities or support you are signposted to may carry a charge. The service will discuss this with you and help you find opportunities that are affordable for you. There is a huge range of free support options available in communities which the social prescribing service will help you find and access.


For further details including how to access your local social prescribing service, please visit the Social Prescribing Information Page



  • GOV.UK - Access to Work

    Access to Work scheme offering financial assistance towards paying for support, equipment and travel costs if you are disabled, employed, self employed, unemployed and about to start work