Are you looking after someone?


"Carers look after family, partners or friends in need of help because they are ill, frail or have a disability. The care they provide is unpaid", - Carers (UK) definition.

This section includes information and services specifically to support you as a carer.

Carers have the right to an assessment of their needs. To arrange for an assessment contact Surrey County Council Adult Social Care on 0300 200 1005.

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Digital tools to support you

Carers UK provide carers in Surrey access to a wide range of digital tools and essential resources that may help make your caring situation easier.

You can access the digital tools for free via the Carers UK website (Your Free Access Code is: DGTL3562) or use the links below to get more information:

  • Upfront a simple tool to support you to navigate the benefits and entitlements system. Fill in your details, spend a couple of minutes answering questions and you'll be guided  to the information you need.
  • Jointly - an app which helps you manage and coordinate activities and share information between those who you share the care with.
  • E-learning - a variety of courses which aims to help you identify and find resources, technology and sources of support to help you in your caring responsibilities.

Information and Guidance

Carers' assessment

If you look after someone you have the right to ask for a carer's assessment by completing our online carers' support needs assessment at any time. A carer's assessment looks at the impact your caring responsibilities have on your life and what social care support you might be eligible for.

If you are eligible for support from us your needs could be met by a range of options, including paid services and services provided by the voluntary sector. If you are not eligible we will give you information and advice on where you can get the help you want.


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