Residents FAQS

Residents’ FAQs


What is Surrey Information Point?

Surrey Information Point is a directory that meets a wide variety of care and support options. Surrey Information Point is for all residents of Surrey, in particular to help them live an independent life. It is an answer to the day to day needs /queries from their carers and families. The directory contains thousands of services such as residential homes and home care agencies, but it also contains health and fitness clubs, charities and advice services, that support people in the local community. In addition to the directory, the site holds information pages about a range of health and social care topics.


Is there a cost to register on Surrey Information Point?

No. Surrey Information Point is free for everyone. Once you have registered for an account on Surrey Information Point, you will be able to complete your profile by adding basic details. You can also choose to search for services without creating an account.  


What types of service are contained in the directory?

The directory contains a wide range of care and support services from small local shops that provide transport on befriending initiatives, to dementia support services, home care and residential care homes in your community. For more details about the services we hold, take a look through the Surrey Information Point categories.


I have used a service provider, how can I leave feedback about them?

At the top of each service profile there is a “leave feedback” button which enables you to submit feedback.


I am unable to contact a service using the details listed on Surrey Information Point – what can I do about it?

Please contact us at and notify us of the service you are trying to contact. We will investigate and do our best to obtain the correct details for you.


What is the difference between a shortlist and “my favourites”?

If you add a service to your shortlist, Surrey Information Point will store it in a cookie which will last for one year, but could be affected by changes to your computer/browser (e.g. clearing the cookies/temporary internet files). If you add a service to “my favourites”, which requires you to log in, the system will store them until you remove them, irrespective of other changes you make on your computer.


I would like to share a service record with people I know, how can I do this?

On each service profile page there is a social networking toolbar just underneath the map. This enables you to share the service profile across a wide range of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. There is also an e-mail icon (white envelope) which enables you to share a link to the service profile (multiple e-mail addresses and a custom message can be entered).


Why do some services show in the search results when they are further away than the distance I specified?

This can happen when the service has multiple locations (i.e. different branches) and one of the branches is within your specified distance/ postcode, or they are further away but cater to your specified area. This particularly relates to mobile services such as home care or meals on wheels, or services where the location is irrelevant, such as advice/help phone lines. 


How can I get directions to a particular service?

If the service has an address stored, then there will be a “directions” link next to it in the service profile. If you click on the link, the Google Maps journey planner will open with the destination address pre-populated. All you need to do is put in your address or post code and Google Maps will give you the directions.


Can I purchase services directly through Surrey Information Point?

At the moment you cannot purchase services directly through Surrey Information Point. You should contact the service provider using the contact details shown, and arrange to buy services from them directly.