Service Providers' FAQS

Service Providers’ FAQS


What is Surrey Information Point?

Surrey Information Point is a valuable local directory that details a wide variety of care and support options available for residents. The directory contains thousands of services from small community groups that help people stay independent, safe and healthy in their localities, to charities and advice services that connect people to relevant support as well as more formal care such as residential homes and home care agencies.. In addition to the directory, the site holds information pages about a range of health and social care topics and further links to helpful websites, films and resources.

It is also a useful tool for professionals working in health and social care as well as agencies who provide information and advice directly to residents.


 Is there a cost to register on Surrey Information Point?

No. Surrey Information Point is free for everyone. Providers of services can register for an account on Surrey Information Point in order to complete your profile by adding basic details or editing existing information held on the directory.


Why should I register my service/organisation?

Surrey Information Point is being used as the central resource within Surrey to provide information to residents on the care and support services and support available locally for adults and children with disabilities over 14. By registering, you get a free directory profile which gives you a platform to describe your service, add images/ logos and locations, and link back to your own website if you have one. It also enables residents to contact you directly (via e-mail or a contact number if you have updated one) and enquire about your service in detail. The profile is very simple and easy to create and only takes a few minutes to set up. 


What is the difference between an organisation and a service?

An organisation is the legal entity that owns or operates the service. So, for example, a local branch of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) would be a service, and the CAB head office would be an organisation.

A service describes what is actually provided to residents eg Meals on Wheels. This also could be the local branch of an organisation which caters to the local community.


My service’s details are already in Surrey Information Point – how can I update the information?

To update any information on Surrey Information Point you need to either Login or Create an Account. You can do this by clicking on the “Register” icon on the home page. Just enter a user name that you would like to use and complete some basic details, including your contact number, email address that you wish to register with and the organisation you are related to (if relevant). We may need to contact you to verify your details, but will process your request as soon as possible.


Can I link from Surrey Information Point to my own website or another service profile?

Yes. There is a specific field in the service profile that allows you to enter the address of any website. You can also create any number of links to other pages (including other services that are in the Surrey Information Point directory) in the description. You can also create links in the description field by highlighting the word (or words) you wish to use for the link and then clicking on the “link” button which allows you to enter a website address.


Can people contact my service directly from Surrey Information Point?

Yes, if you add a contact with an email address, Surrey Information Point will display a “Send Enquiry” button which enables people to email you directly from Surrey Information Point. You can also display the email address, and contact numbers if you wish to do so.


The Surrey Information Point map does not show my service at the correct location?

Surrey Information Point uses Google Maps to display service locations. When you enter a location, the co-ordinates are generated from a Google request. The major factor in this request is the postcode, which for most areas is only a very small geographical area. In some locations, postcodes can cover a much larger area and therefore the pin on the map may not be in the precise address of your service. This can be corrected by checking the “Manually define location co-ordinates” box against the service location, and entering the correct latitude and longitude values. You can do this by using the following site enter your address and then manually drag the pin to the location you wish, and the site will display the correct values.


The contact details for my service are not showing in the Surrey Information Point directory?

If you have entered contact details (on the “Contacts” tab) it will be accessible to the public if you have the “list as Market Place contact” option checked.


 How do I put images in the image gallery or my service description?

Please make use of the image tab, where you can import any standard image file (GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG etc.) and Surrey Information Point will display the image in your profile as a thumbnail. When a user clicks on a thumbnail the full size picture is seen and a slide show or buttons that navigate to any other pictures pop up. You can also link to images using the “insert image” button in the service description toolbar. 


I don’t want my service to appear in the directory anymore, how can I remove it?

If you are registered with Surrey Information Point, you can log into the system and click to edit the service you want to remove. On the Edit Service page there is a button to “delete this service”. If you have not registered, please email sharing the name of your service and the reason you would like it removed.


What happens when a person leaves feedback about my service?

All feedback is sent directly to the Surrey information Point administration team. Based on the kind of feedback we will contact you or pass the message to the service provider.


How do I upload a brochure/document to my service profile?

When you are logged into your service profile, you can click on the “document submissions” tab and select the files you want to upload.

In case you need assistance you can send the documents to and we can upload it for you.


How do services get categorised within the directory?

The system automatically categorises services based on the service type (profile tab) and the service levels (levels tab) that are in your service profile. Please ensure that your service type is correct, and that all the service levels you provide are listed. After that, if you feel your service does not appear in the correct category (or categories) you can always contact and we will assist you in getting it placed under the relevant category/categories.


My service performs multiple functions, how do I make it appear in different categories in the directory?

If a service performs two similar functions (e.g. residential care and nursing care), it is quite likely that the service levels will appear under the same service type. If this is the case, then simply create a service level for each service (or function) that you provide and the system will categorise your service correctly.

If your service provides two very different functions e.g. a leisure centre hosts an activity for 60+ residents and holds arts classes only for teenagers then you might want to consider having two service profiles – one for each group. You can always link the two profiles by adding a hyperlink from one profile to the other (see FAQ “Can I link from Surrey Information Point to my own website or another service profile?” for details of how to do this).