Social Prescribing

What is it?

Social prescribing is a service that helps people find out about opportunities in their local community that could help them to improve their health and wellbeing.

There are a number of local social prescribing services operating in Surrey which are free to use, although some of the opportunities or support you are signposted to may carry a charge. The service will discuss this with you and help you find opportunities that are affordable for you. There is a huge range of free support options available in communities which the social prescribing service will help you find and access.


What does the service offer?

In Surrey, the social prescribing services are locally run in collaboration with health, social care, district and borough councils and a range of voluntary sector organisations. All the partners have expertise in providing you with information and support on topics, such as:


  • healthy lifestyles and physical activity
  • budgeting, debt and benefits
  • employment support
  • housing and the support to help you live independently
  • mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • opportunities to get out and meet new people.


Who should use social prescribing services?

People who could benefit from a social prescription include people who feel low or anxious, who have been bereaved, who feel lonely, who live with long term conditions, who want to improve their physical health, who are struggling with their living arrangements, who are struggling with finances and people who are looking for employment.


How do I access the service?

  1. Professionals such as GPs, nurses, social care workers, benefit advisors and pharmacists can refer you to your local social prescribing service.

All you need to do is speak to a relevant professional and they will simply complete a referral form and with your permission, send it to the local social prescribing service. The social prescribing service will then contact you directly to talk about your situation and what you would like to achieve.


  1. Depending where you live in Surrey, then you may be able to contact your local social prescribing service directly.

To access the contact details for the social prescribing services who do not require a professional referral, please follow the relevant links below:


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To view a selection of videos which highlight the benefits of social prescribing, please visit Healthy Surrey.