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Social Value Surrey is looking at how businesses, voluntary, community and faith sector (VCFS) organisations and the public sector can work together to support people in Surrey communities. As part of this project representatives from VCFS, local business and Surrey County Council have developed a short ‘how to’ guide to support VCFS organisations looking to engage with businesses. In the guide there is information to help VCFS organisations think through how they might benefit from support from businesses as well as sharing best practice on how to build relationships with local employers and tips for organising employee volunteering. At the end of the document there are some suggestions about where you can get more information and further support, including details of local organisations that may be able to help broker relationships with businesses. Please find the toolkit attached at the bottom of this page.


'We are Surrey' Social Value Event


The 'We are Surrey' social value event is being hosted at Enterprise, Egham TW20 9FB on Wednesday 31 October 2018.


The third annual event will be an exciting exhibition engaging businesses and communities in making Surrey a better place to live and work. Come along and learn how you could be a step ahead in winning contracts and other benefits for your business. Get inspired by examples of how businesses, voluntary, community, faith organisations, local authorities and other public bodies in Surrey are already collaborating. And see how you can get involved and share your ideas for how we can expand on work that is already happening to support our communities. With speakers, breakout sessions and a networking reception We are Surrey 2018 is a can't miss event!


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Social Value Marketplace -


Surrey’s Social Value Marketplace is a directory of opportunities to support your community. There are many opportunities listed from donating equipment, to volunteering opportunities to sharing your business skills. You can search by area or topic to find just the right opportunity for you.


Can’t find what you are looking for? If you’ve got something specific you want to offer, you can list it in the directory yourself. Guidance is available on the site to help you do this or contact for more information.