Arriva Bus Company - Disability Awareness Session

(Published on 10/10/2018)

Arriva Bus Company are holding a disability awareness session this Friday 12 October from 10am-12 at Guildford bus station in the Friary Shopping Centre. 

Arriva offer assistance to people with a disability such as Journey Assistance Cards which can make it easier for customers with disabilities, particularly those that are hidden or not easy to recognise.

At the session there will be information on accessibility options such as bus drivers doing a ‘shout out’ for the required bus stop, or making allowances for other disabilities.

There will also be a static bus and an assessor for people with mobility scooters and wheelchairs to have an assessment there and then (usually people with mobility scooters would need to book an assessment as there is an approval process for people with mobility scooters/wheelchairs to use low floor buses).

More information on what Arriva can offer people with disabilities can be found on their website: