Kalayaan is a charity established in 1987 to provide advice, advocacy and support services in the UK for migrant domestic workers. It is not involved in helping people to come to the UK from another country.

Kalayaan provides free, independent and confidential on immigration and employment to migrant domestic workers in the UK.  Migrant domestic workers are people who have entered the UK legally with an employer on a domestic worker visa to work in a private household.


Kalayaan staff give basic employment and immigration advice to Migrant Domestic Workers in the UK, if you have a problem with your employer, you have left an employer who is keeping your passport, or you simply wish to understand more about your rights, please book an appointment to register and get advice. 

Kalayaan also work closely with several immigration solicitors and employment solicitors who offer free advice at Kalayaan some Sundays and evenings. This service is also free but please phone 020 7243 2942 and make an appointment. 


To find out more about the information and advice offered at Kalayaan please visit their website.

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Advice and Advocacy

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This page was last updated on 09 May 2022


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0207 243 2942
0207 792 3060